Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to point students to God, and lead them into a Changing Relationship
with Jesus and with others around them. Our Youth Group name, The Saltshakers, comes from
Matthew 5:13 where Jesus is talking to his disciples and he says, "you are the salt of the earth."
Here at Saltshaker Youth Ministries, we want to use every opportunity to be salt to the world around us.

So how will we fulfill our purpose in the 2017-2018 school year?

This year we are changing a few things. In the past Sunday evening was our
fun hangout night and then Wednesday evening was our main worship and
teaching night. Over the last few months we have been dreaming and
praying asking God what the next step for Saltshaker Youth Ministry should
be, and I am excited to share what that is going to look like and why.

Sunday evening is going to be our main worship and teaching night. The evening will begin with a hangout time playing games in the gym. Then we will transition into a time of worship and then teaching. The idea behind this is it allows for the students and sponsors to bond a little each Sunday just hanging out together before we get serious for the evening. Our desire is that this will allow for better relationships to form between students and sponsors and will allow students to be a little more open with each other during the night.

Wednesday evening is going to be our small group night. The idea here is that every Wednesday evening small group will correspond with the main teaching from Sunday evenings’ worship time. Our prayer is to see our students interact and wrestle with a section of Scripture for an entire week not just for 45 minutes. In the process we hope to see student relationships grow stronger as a community and to see students applying what they learn on a regular basis.

We recognize the importance of students just hanging out together and
building relationships. Because our Sunday and Wednesday evenings are
more intentionally focused on the students spiritual growth, each month we
will pick two days (either Friday or Saturday) to hangout. We understand that
some of our student's friends are a little hesitant to come to a "church function"
at a church; our hope is that these events will allow our students to invite their
friends to simply hangout with their church friends. These events will be designed
in a way that will make it easy for students to invite friends to join them.

We will continue to attend retreats and conferences throughout the year.
This year will we attend TCTC, CIY Believe, Johnson University Spring Retreat,
CIY MIX, and CIY MOVE. We are also planning on going to Tijuana Mexico to
serve alongside Tijuana Christian Mission in the summer of 2018.

What will our students be learning in 2017-2018?

For the entire school year, both Sunday and Wednesday evenings we will be in a series called The Rescue.

The Rescue: Discovering How The Gospel Rescues And Redeems Us

Put simply, the Gospel is God's amazing Rescue Plan for a sinful humanity.
Through Jesus, God did what we are incapable of doing: rescuing ourselves
from the devastating effects of sin. The good news of the Gospel is that
through faith in Christ, we are rescued to a sweeping and far-reaching new
reality. The Rescue unpacks this new reality in a powerful way. This series
will give our students a comprehensive and transformative view of exactly
what the Gospel is, how it radically changes their lives, and how their lives
will in turn be used to change the world.

The Rescue will give our students a rich, in-depth view of the Gospel and its importance on our entire life.


The Breakdown:
Section 1: The Rescue Defined
Section 2: The Gospel Rescuing Me
Section 3: Sharing The Gospel With The Nations
Section 4: Rescued To A Kingdom (Sermon on The Mount)
Section 5: Rescued To Follow (Discipleship)
Section 6: The Gospel Is Costly

So what can you do as a parent?

Pray! Over the summer I have been praying this prayer and would love for you to take it and make it your own.

Father God, continue to fuel our dreams, hopes, and prayers for the youth
group of First Christian Church. I ask Lord, that you give us a heart and a
desire to reach students in the community that do not have a relationship
with You. I ask for wisdom and guidance as changes are made on how we
do things within the youth ministry. Allow the changes to have a purpose
and an impact of our students’ walk with You Lord. I pray for our students to
be willing to invite and share with their friends. I pray for more students Lord.
Open our eyes to opportunities to get more students into a relationship with
You Lord. I pray that You are the focus of everything that this ministry does
Lord. It's in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.