Small Groups

Our Vision and Mission:

Our Visions is "Making disciples in Cookeville, Putnam County and to the ends of the earth."

Our Mission is "Reaching, Teaching, Connecting and Sending Disciples."

How Small Groups Help Us Fulfill Our Vision and Mission:

Small groups fulfill every facet of our vision and mission...

REACH: Small groups are a perfect place to introduce a friend to the gospel and to the church family.

TEACH: As groups study and discuss God's Word, disciples grow in their faith and in their knowledge of God's Word.

CONNECT: Small groups are THE BEST place to connect relationally with other believers.

SEND: When people discover genuine, Christ-centered relationships, they want to invite others.

When And Where Do Small Groups Meet:

Small groups meet once per week. They are free to meet at any time and place that works best for the group.

What Kind Of Small Groups Do We Have?

We have groups for Ladies, Men, Couples, and Families.

We are fully invested in God's plan for Family Discipleship, laid out in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. We encourage moms and dads to join a family small group with other parents where the whole family fellowships together and grows closer to Christ.

Small Group Resources

Below is a growing list of resources to help you make the most out of your small group.

  • RightNow Media is packed with video based content for all ages. If you don't already have an account follow this link to request access to your FREE account. Once you are logged in, click the "First Christian Church" library on the left hand side or drop down menu for content picked specifically for your family or small group. Also feel free to browse through the full RightNow Media library.

    Adult Bible Study Roadmap

    Women's Bible Study Roadmap

    Men's Bible Study Roadmap

    Youth Bible Study Roadmap

    Family Worship

  • The Bible App is a FREE resource for your smart phone. Browse from hundreds of Bible reading plans and invite your small group to read together. You can use this as a starting point for group discussions each week.

    Reading Plans:

    Who's Your One Reading & Prayer Guide

    How To Start Reading The Bible



    Marriage & Dating



    Young Adults



  • Talk It Over Questions

    Each week, we provide Talk It Over questions in our bulletin to help small groups further talk and think about the message from Sunday morning. You can find the current sermon series Talk It Over questions on our Sermon Resource page. Or you can find the Talk It Over questions under the Resource tab on that sermons video player.

  • CHRISTIAN STANDARD has been resourcing Christian churches since it was founded in 1866. Now it is the principal magazine connecting these congregations in the farflung, nondenominational fellowship whose congregations are usually known as Christian Churches or Churches of Christ. Use The Christian Standard + The Lookout to dive into Scripture together as a small group.